Branding, Product Design and Marketing
Binory lets creative web developers sell dynamic products.

This is a product of ours that has been in the works for a few years, but will be launching very shortly. With Binory, any web developer can go from creative digital art to sellable unique (and customizable, by your visitors!) products such as t-shirts and posters in just a few minutes.

That means that we automatically create a 300dpi image based on your code, give your users a slick checkout flow to buy your products and even print and ship them from our own printer in LA.

As a developer, you can immediately start making money on any code idea you have - big or small.


Create something new or use an existing project. Binory works with 2D Canvas and most JavaScript libraries like paper.js, PIXI.js or Processing.js.


Binory.js scales your web graphics to print quality resolution with just a few lines of code. Integration is done in minutes, not days.


Sell dynamic products directly on your website. We handle payment, printing and shipping. You immediately make money on every product sold.

Binory for Dummies
A little example

Lets say you created a site where you can customize this famous poster. Just add a few lines of code from Binory and your visitors can now buy physical posters from your site. It's just that easy.