The Latest


The Latest
The secret weapon against your digital FOMO.

We spend an obscene amount of time surfing the web every day. Searching for new links and websites. But it’s hard work finding all these new links and always being up to speed with the latest. And sometimes work, family, friends and stuff get in the way of your “Internet time”. Annoying, right?

That’s why we built “The Latest”. A super useful tool that saves you time and effort by digging up all the best new links in tech/advertising/design. It’s pretty simple. The site automatically collects the links posted by a bunch of the most interesting people on Twitter. You know the people that always tweet the best links - first. Then we take all the links they tweet and compile a real-time updated list of the 10 most popular links at the moment. Pretty useful, right?

“The Latest can be the ultimate solution to your social networking problems” - PSFK