Is it old?

Are you really sure you wanna share that link?

How many times have you come across a really cool link that you want to share with your friends? But when you send or post it, people tells you “Dude, everyone has already seen that”. But how do you know if it’s okay to share a link or if you are the last one on the planet to see it? To save people from embarrassment, we built a super important tool called “Is it old?”.

To use the service, you just paste a link into the site’s submission. The site then tells you when the site was first tweeted and how many people have tweeted it since. And of course iit gives it to you straight: “No, you SHOULD NOT post this site. ABORT!”. As simple as that.

This one blew up like crazy and had a few million visits the first year. Unfortunately Twitter changed their API policies and pretty much screwed everyone over. So we had to take the site down. But we’re hoping to find a solution to get it back online again, because now everyone is back to posting old links and looking like fools. And we can’t help them.