Eel Slap

Being internet famous without even knowing it

A while ago we created a little fighting game where you got to slap people with different kinds of fish. It definitely sounds a lot more fun than it actually was. We made a promotion video for the site, where we had some fun with a high speed camera and some fish. Per (one half of Act Normal), took the clip of him getting slapped by an eel and made a quick little web toy, just for the amusement of a few friends.

Sometime later, we notice there is a LOT of traffic to the server where it was hosted. Apparently the link had just spread like wildfire and it was a big hit in Japan, without us having any idea. After coming to terms with being some kind of bizarre web celeb, Per bought and put up the site there. Since then it’s had over 30 million visitors. The Internet is a crazy place, kids. A crazy place.

“Weirdest website on the Internet” - O'Reilly Factor on Fox News