NMD Cubes


NMD Cubes


adidas Originals
Connecting adidas fans across Europe in a spectacular way.

In March 2016, we helped adidas Originals create and build nine large interactive OOH installations in major cities around Europe to promote the launch of their new NMD model. These cubes were placed in busy street locations in Berlin, London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Milan, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg. They were also connected and live streamed between the cities, showcased Instagram photos and displayed branded content.

More than 150,000 #NMD photos were shared on Instagram, and the shoe sold out internationally on the first day, making it one of the most successful launches in adidas history.

We are extremely proud to have been able to pull off a international campaign on this scale, being just a tiny two-person agency. But it wouldn’t have been possible without amazing partners like Your Majesty, Naivi, LED Lease and a bunch of freelancers.

Live streaming across Europe

We connected the cubes in real-time to each other so passersby could use their phones to control which cities to see.

Instagram content

Local artists showcased their cities on our interactive canvas.

Branded content and local information

The cubes featured local brand content from adidas and a local store guide.