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Johan Palmgren
Extraordinary stories about ordinary people. Or vice versa.

Johan Palmgren is an great documentary film maker with a love for telling touching stories about life. We have actually had the privilege of working him on four separate projects which makes him our most loyal client so far (🌟 to Johan). We have helped Johan with PR and digital marketing for his films “The Sex Temple”, “Tales of Slussen” and “The Taxi Club”, as well as his own event “Ammarnäs Film Festival” held annually in a small village waaaaay up north in Sweden.

The Sex Temple
August 2015

The story about two passionate people and what happens when they move into the same theatre in a small town in Sweden. Robin that wants to set up a burlesque show and Christian that runs a Swingers club.

The Taxi Club
May 2016

This is a modern David vs. Goliath story about taxi driver Allonias and how he manages to take down Sweden’s biggest Taxi company.

Tales of Slussen
October 2015

Slussen is a classic place in the central parts of Stockholm. It’s going to be completely rebuilt, which makes a lot of people angry. But then an archaeological discovery is made in the ground, it changes things in a lot of ways.

Ammarnäs Film Festival
July 2016

Ammarnäs is a tiny mountain village in north of Sweden where less than a hundred people live. Every summer people travel there to watch amazing documentary films from around the world.